Welcome to the Iris Respite House

Rest. Balance. Change of Perspective.

“A bed and breakfast unlike any other…”

In the midst of Moon Township, a suburb of Pittsburgh, is a tiny oasis of solitude. A middle-class home transformed into a safe haven for family caregivers to get rest and restoration. A home surrounded by healing gardens, each with a theme from childhood to death, transitioning one through the journey of life and pathways of the least resistance. The doors open wide and loving arms embrace the weary, like someone would do on a return from war.

Family is what we have been told it feels like soon after the weary soul has entered this place for caregivers. Divine guidance, spiritual awareness, and the empathetic listeners who work here are the cornerstone to the care one feels. Rest, relax, and restore is the mantra that guides those who embrace what the walls hold within.

Proudly Sponsored by:

From Pittsburgh’s heart, UPMC stands as a global health care titan, renowned for groundbreaking research and exceptional clinical care across its vast network. As our title sponsor, UPMC’s invaluable support amplifies Iris Respite House’s mission, allowing family caregivers a rejuvenating retreat within our healing gardens. Together, we champion caregiver wellness, underscoring UPMC’s dedication to holistic health and well-being.